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Stowa Flieger Type B Limited Edition with ETA 2801 movement

I have a Stowa Flieger incoming, it’s the Type B dial with ETA 2801 manual hackable movement and display back. Estimated delivery is mid-May, that’s a 5-month wait! At the official Stowa forum, someone started a thread called See a Stowa in Real Life before you buy – thread for details of people willing to [...]

Tick Talk » Omega Co-axial Training

Tick Talk » Omega Co-axial Training.

Bizzare stuff going on at Swatch Group

Chuck Maddox wrote a very entertaining post at his watch blog, I love this part: All a Tachymetre bezel is a scale that divides the 3600 (the number of minutes (60) times the number of seconds (60) = 3,600) by the number of seconds to generate a “Units per Hour” indication. The number would be [...]

Mark XII with JLC movement

Holy shit, I’m VERY tempted!! TimeZone: Sales Corner => FS – Mark XII…..$1,990 shipped technorati tags:iwc, mark xii, horology Blogged with Flock

AMEX Depature mag article: Where’s the Logo?

Simon Doonan, the debonair creative director of Barneys New York, believes most of us rather like the idea of having something few others have—and that fewer still even realize we have it. “Ultimately those embellishments become markers of prestige,” he explains. “It’s subtler than putting a logo on, but in the end it’s the same. [...]

Sherry’s Speedy Reduced

Copped this from my AD, just came in today. It’s got the Dubois-Depraz “piggyback” movement, which is pretty much an ETA watch with the chronograph function on it. Since it’s like 2 movements it’s highly jeweled. Most chronoheads don’t dig this movement but it is probably more reliable than the Piguet-based c.33xx or the c.3603 [...]

a couple more photographs of my BA Coax GMT

With the bracelet disconnected it was easy to get shots of the display back, so I snapped a few pics. I forgot to clean the crystal for these pics, so the ones of the display back look a bit foggy; part of it was due to the reflection of the white wall next to where [...]

Bob Davis’ bracelet resizing tools

Both my Speedy and SeMP’s bracelets are slightly too loose, instead of bring them to a jewelery repair shop to resize, I decided to DIY it. After a bit of research, I found Keith Downing’s recommendation on Bob Davis’ resizing tool, it looks super easy to use and with shipping it’s only $20 or so, [...]

Second BA GMT is here, and I love it!!

The first one not working out made me want this watch even more!! It is absolutely gorgeous! I saw a ton of watches in Vegas last weekend, including the other “contenders” for this price range (well, very broadly): El Primero, Daytona, “regular” BA, Rattrapante, Panny chrono, PO Chrono. I really do like this one the [...]

Just my bad luck, new watch came BROKEN!!

So kindda made an impulse purchase on a watch, got it today and the crown came off when I tried to set the time!! More here! Amazingly some responses noted that this is not unusual with Swiss watches, but is this really what we expect from a watch with a list price of $6300???? Well, [...]