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Spotify Top 50 Lists

This is cool, top 50 for US: Top 50 for Hong Kong: And nope, nothing for Taiwan.

Denis Kozhukhin – Franz Liszt – “Mazeppa” Etude

Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde for piano – Lise de la Salle

If you like Tristan und Isolde, make sure to check out the movie Melancholia.

Fabbrini Steinway

More info about Fabbrini here.

Fritz Kreisler – Recitative and Scherzo caprice, Op.6 by Hyunsu Shin

h/t @noirlfriends (he doesn’t really use Twitter lol).

some dope vids

MMM: Ann: Junya:


This is pretty damn cool!

autocomplete with multiple related form fields (in rails)

I’m an advisor and consultant for a social network site where you go upload images and tag the stuff you own and the stuff you want. One of the thing we wanted to do in the stuff-tagging form was to have related autocompletion fields. In this case, we want an autocompletion of brand names, and [...]


Dummy is still my most played album in my library, this should be here tomorrow: YumCha! – 娛樂產品專題及評論

Haven’t been to YesAsia for a long long time, just went there to look up some 方大同 CDs, they now have a news / editorial / reviews section, pretty cool. They really need feeds for it though, otherwise I will almost never check it. YumCha! – 娛樂產品專題及評論 Technorati Tags: yesasia