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Flickr comeback

Before yesterday this was how a lot of us felt about Flickr: Flickr is still pretty wonderful. But it’s lovely in the same way a box of old photos you’ve stashed under the bed is. It’s an archive of nostalgia that you love dearly, on the rare occasion you stumble across it. You pull them [...]

city hall plank

photo by @art_chang.

sk8 shadows

supermoon 5/5/2012


If carpentry fora are like photography (gears) fora

For the lol. And not untrue, sadly. Ken Rockbuster is such a huge idiot. On a related note, I cancelled my 5D3 preorder, really happy with my 5D2, I MF 95% of the times so better AF doesn’t affect me that much. Also, the new pattern, while better, still isn’t ideal for portraits. – [...]

Stowa Flieger Type B Limited Edition with ETA 2801 movement

I have a Stowa Flieger incoming, it’s the Type B dial with ETA 2801 manual hackable movement and display back. Estimated delivery is mid-May, that’s a 5-month wait! At the official Stowa forum, someone started a thread called See a Stowa in Real Life before you buy – thread for details of people willing to [...]

5D Mark III sample images and videos at Canon jp

They look very impressive. My biggest gripe about the 5D2 is the AF pattern, looks like they’ve fixed that in the best possible way, the GPS accessory is also nice, too bad it’s an attachment and not built into the body. Most likely I’ll be getting an 5D3. I’m not shooting professionally anymore, and I’m [...]

Ming Thein’s new blog

@mingthein started a new photography blog about a week ago, awesome stuff. Let’s hope he keeps it up this time. It’s easy to start, but not easy to blog regularly. Ming Thein | Photographer.

SLR Simulator

From Bernal Heights Hill