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I take it all back about Charles Schwab, onward with Fidelity

tl;dr version: Schwab is NOT a good choice for international travelers, use Fidelity instead. I blogged about switching to Schwab for my banking needs while temporarily living outside the U.S., well, I spoke too soon. While we were in Hualien for the Taroko half marathon, I got errors trying to withdraw from ATMs with my [...]

Finally closing all bank/brokerage accounts with virtual keyboards

UPDATE: I don’t recommend Schwab anymore 4 years ago I blogged about how much I hated financial sites with virtual keyboards. They are inconvenient, and they encourage shorter, easier to type, less secure passwords. Also 1Password can’t automatically fill them. I tweeted about it once and @tradeking replied and said it was to prevent keyloggers. [...]

People Are Awesome [video]

Sand Harbor near Incline Village

We rode Northstar last Saturday and we went around the east side of the lake to go back to our cabin in South Lake. There were constructions on 28 and traffic was bad, so we stopped by Sand Harbor to take a few photos and picked up a few giant pine cones. Couple drinking wine [...]

This is pretty crazy

The San Jose Mercury News reports that a 47 year old man named Jing Hua Wu, after being laid off from his job at a fabless digital radio semiconductor startup in Santa Clara called SiPort, came back to the office on Friday afternoon with a gun and killed three people. Sid Agrawal, the company’s CEO, [...]

trip to Taipei and Shanghai

It’s been a while since I put up a real post, my daily Twitter digests took up the first page of my blog quickly. I’ve always considered moving to China, or Asia in general, to do startups or consulting. Our friend Jimmy decided to go to business school in Shanghai, so I went there to [...]

this is cool: where the hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo. Details here. I agree with hating when people ask how much shit costs, that’s the #1 question we get with our Smart car. I usually just answer MSRP. It only takes 1 google search to find out, not sure why they have to ask [...]

The Associated Press: Amsterdam Orders Famed Sex Club to Close

imma remove ams from my 43places (which I haven’t updated at all for more than 2 years btw), LOL… The Associated Press: Amsterdam Orders Famed Sex Club to Close: AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — One of Amsterdam’s best-known sex clubs has become the latest target of the city’s crackdown on organized crime infiltration of the city’s [...]

Booq bags now sport Terralinq (like Tumi’s Tracer)

Not bad, we’ve bought quite a few Booq bags for our Macs and they are always of superb quality, now they even have a Tumi-like barcode/ID tracing program called Terralinq.

daily photo: Untitled

I’m waiting to board at BUR, just processed today’s daily photo… Untitled a bonus pic, finally made my way down to Fred Segal, that place is pretty amazing…