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daily photo: SD

Mission Bay in San Diego… an extra photo, Ronald’s rolling kit:

Happy Holidays, Wii, shopping, and random updates

Haven’t blogged for a few days, I did manage to catch up with most of my feeds and shared a few items in GReader… We didn’t do much for Christmas, just ate at a different restaurant every meal (as usual), played Wii, and shopped, well, we did a lot of shopping… The Wii is a [...]

Yelp got “street-smart”…

This is very useful and I’ve always wanted a feature like this, makes so much sense especially when Yelp has a mobile version of their page… Yelp Blog: Yelp Just Got Even Street-Smarter Yelp Just Got Even Street-Smarter And by street-smart, we mean you can now search on Yelp around a specific address, intersection or [...]

Flickr map

This Flickr map thing is a cool concept, I’ve been geotagging my images, Yahoo map sucks though, it’s slow and it doesn’t know landmarks or business names. But of course Yahoo! pays their bills so it probably isn’t possible to use Google Map. Technorati Tags: flickr

WHOA! SuperFuture switched to vBulletin!!!

VERY NICE!!! I hated the old forum software they had at SF, now with vB it’s MUCH MUCH better!! The downtime was def worth it (it was hard to go a weekend without SF though, I must admit)… Technorati Tags: superfuture

some snapshots from mwong’s wedding

Took a few pics with Sherry’s point-and-shoot camera: rjuhn, ayn, jwilson, ayip me and sherry rjuhn, ayn, ayip the stuff mwong & sherry kurian, greg, jwilson, mwong, vlee, ayn, tze FINALLY made it to BWS NYC More at my snapshots gallery…

Friday: early interview with a potential candidate, and then off to NYC

Still need to write a f’king speech… yikes! I got 6 hours on the plane to figure it out though… Hopefully I can cop some Spruce or Wings&Horns hoodies this weekend… Rock on!

Shops I plan to hit when I’m in NYC next weekend

It sucks that SuperFuture is down at the moment, as there was a thread with a list of streetwear and denim shops already. I don’t have the NYC SuperMaps either, which sucks big time, I knew I should’ve downloaded them to my phone… Anyway, this is basically what I’ve got planned, I only have about [...]

AA’s Keeping up wiht Jenkins campaign

So here was the question I got at AA’s Jenkins campaign… As Jenkins downed a coffee at a Peachtree Street café, his client called with a change of plans—the Senior Vice President was now going to be at their dinner meeting the following weekend. Problem was the dinner was now a day earlier and in [...]

Sign this SF J-Town petition

Great place to visit, good Japanese food… If they turned it into a highend condomium community it would be a huge shame… Stop the sale and possible destruction of San Francisco’s Japantown Petition Technorati Tags: sf, sf_japanese_town, jtown, j_town, japanese_town