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5D Mark III sample images and videos at Canon jp

They look very impressive. My biggest gripe about the 5D2 is the AF pattern, looks like they’ve fixed that in the best possible way, the GPS accessory is also nice, too bad it’s an attachment and not built into the body. Most likely I’ll be getting an 5D3. I’m not shooting professionally anymore, and I’m [...]

dragging the shutter

Dragging shutter on a lens with the best image stabilization produces interesting results.

Does your 5d Mark II overexpose when you’re not shooting full manual? Check your focusing screen setting.

I shoot M 95% of the times, gotta use that lightmeter whenever I can, you know. But when I shot Av in the last several months, the images were often bit overexposed. I would usually check the histogram and adjust and didn’t think much of it, but it bothered me that the exposure was a [...]

Lake Tahoe

Sherry went to Taipei for Lunar New Year so Bear and I spent 2 weeks at our cabin in Tahoe. I snowboarded most days and it was pretty awesome. Riding Sierra on weekdays means pretty much having the slopes to myself, we got huge amount of pow the first weekend and yesterday it started snowing [...]

5D Mark II

Those who follow my Twitter and Flickr photostream probably already know that I got a new camera – the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (Amazon link, B&H link). Before last Friday I had been shooting with a 20D, my first dSLR. I’ve had the 20D pretty much since it was released, and I was really [...]