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The best part of the biography

I pre-ordered the biography in iBooks and started on it as soon as it dropped, and I just finished it last night. I don’t like posts with huge excerpts from the book, but this part right before the coda is great. These were Steve’s words: I hate it when people call themselves “entrepreneurs” when what [...]

4S teardown

4S Teardown is up already.

Things Apple is Worth More Than

Things Apple is Worth More Than.

re: section 3.3.1

In developing an iPhone app for Pullfolio, we initially went with Titanium as Ray had used it before at Intridea, and we are familiar with web technologies. With that we were able to almost finish the app within a week. However, we quickly found limitations of the framework, more specifically, it was non-trivial to make a [...]

iPad apps

I spent the most of the past 2 days playing with my iPad. The apps I’ve tried so far are pretty amazing. Other than the obvious apps such as Netflix and ABC Player, here are some apps that I find really useful: GoodReader for iPad ($0.99 limited time intro price, iPad-only). This app lets you [...]

Sherry’s MacBook on eBay!

The dopest MacBook ever! You know you want it! Buy it!

Initial impressions of new MacBook Pro

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Broke down and walked out from the San Francisco Apple store with a new MacBook Pro, I definitely do not need an upgrade, I got my MBP this Jan. But the unibody is just too sexy, and I have to send in my MBP for repair and I absolutely cannot live [...]

New MacBook Pros get dissected, look like old MacBook Pros – Engadget

I couldn’t wait for the update to come out as I badly needed a new laptop, also didn’t want to set everything up twice at the new job. (though next time Migration Wizard might actually work) The changes to the MacBook Pro are minor but nice, not enough to get me to eBay this one [...]