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Making Mailplane steezy

After about 8 years of using Apple Mail on the Mac (that is if you don’t count NeXTMail on my NeXTstep back in CMU), I finally got fed up with it and had to find a better solution to access my Google Apps gmail accounts. It pretty much came down to Mailplane and Sparrow. I [...]

How to get display:block links working over images in IE

One of my clients at work wanted different parts of the header and footer images to link to different pages, I used a CSS trick to have transparent a links to get and image map type thing to work, it worked great in Firefox, but didn’t work in IE6/7, here’s what I had: #header a,#footer [...]

steez changes

If you look at my blog in your browser, you might notice subtle styling changes. I had the default stylesheet since I changed the theme, but some things never looked right, so I messed with it with Firebug and TextMate and now it’s a little bit better. Like now the code blocks get smaller font-size [...]