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Facebook Like Button WordPress plugin

Now you can add a Facebook “Like” button to any webpage, so I quickly created a plugin to add that to WordPress, it will take a day or 2 to publish to the official plugins site, but in the meantime you can grab it at GitHub. If you don’t have Git, then you can download [...]

Just added Facebook Connect to this blog

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Sociable released a WordPress plugin to link up WordPress blogs to Facebook with Facbeook Connect. I just installed it, took about 5 minutes, and it works great. It allows you to link your FB account to this blog, so you can post comments with your FB identity. Your comments are automatically [...]

Using Phusion Passenger in Facebook apps development

Ray pointed me to a RailsCast on how to use Passenger for local development, it literally took me 2 minutes to setup. If you work on multiple Ruby on Rails applications, you should definitely do it. There is however one problem on this approach, since the default passenger.pref config relies on virtual host, you can’t [...]

Adium build with working Facebook IM

Facebook IM never worked right for me in Adium, I just built the latest from Subversion and now it’s working flawlessly, it’s really easy to build from their latest if you have Xcode installed. To save you some time I’ve uploaded my to MediaFire: Updated 6/20/08:

beta fbml tag for autocomplete

When I wrote my last app at OnMyList I had to roll my own autocomplete/typeahead feature with FBJS, I was looking at Preload FQL and found out last Dec they added a beta Typeahead tag, I tried it out with the FBML test console and it works great. It’s def worthwhile to check out their [...]