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Extra space/row in UIPopoverController content?

If you’re using UISplitViewController in your iPad/Universal apps, you probably implemented the UISplitViewControllerDelegate to add a UIBarButtonItem to the detail view controller’s toolbar to display a popover. The popover might have some extra space before the first row after you rotate the simulator or the iPad from landscape to portrait, took me a few hours [...]

Speeding up Core Data-based UITableViewController

It is pretty common for an iPhone/iPad app to make an API call to a server, get the JSON response data back, parse that data, and display it in a table view. The usual way to do this looks like this: This fires off the API call asynchronously, and then you implement some delegate methods [...]

re: section 3.3.1

In developing an iPhone app for Pullfolio, we initially went with Titanium as Ray had used it before at Intridea, and we are familiar with web technologies. With that we were able to almost finish the app within a week. However, we quickly found limitations of the framework, more specifically, it was non-trivial to make a [...]

iPad apps

I spent the most of the past 2 days playing with my iPad. The apps I’ve tried so far are pretty amazing. Other than the obvious apps such as Netflix and ABC Player, here are some apps that I find really useful: GoodReader for iPad ($0.99 limited time intro price, iPad-only). This app lets you [...]