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Where I’ve been according to my phone

As expected, the plot looks like my route between SF and Tahoe. I miss Tahoe already.

Now is the time to downgrade your AT&T SMS plan

I’ve always had the $30 unlimited family text plan with our iPhones, I’ve switched to using SMS replacement apps with my most frequently texted contacts. I used to average about 700 messages a month in the plan, but the past several months I’ve gone under 200. Paying $30 a month for SMS is pretty ridiculous, [...]

Speeding up Core Data-based UITableViewController

It is pretty common for an iPhone/iPad app to make an API call to a server, get the JSON response data back, parse that data, and display it in a table view. The usual way to do this looks like this: This fires off the API call asynchronously, and then you implement some delegate methods [...]

[Reachability reachabilityForLocalWiFi] crash with OS4 SDK

If you’re using Apple’s reachability framework and compiling with OS4 beta SDK, you might get a crash like this: You can fix it by commenting out the [super init] line in + (Reachability*) reachabilityForLocalWiFi in Reachability.m:

re: section 3.3.1

In developing an iPhone app for Pullfolio, we initially went with Titanium as Ray had used it before at Intridea, and we are familiar with web technologies. With that we were able to almost finish the app within a week. However, we quickly found limitations of the framework, more specifically, it was non-trivial to make a [...]

From BusySync to CalDAV (iCal + iPhone + GCal)

UPDATE: these instructions are quite old, use this instead: I’ve moved everything to Google Apps for Domains a long time ago, so my personal and work mails, contacts, and calendars are all on my GApps accounts. All my consulting clients are also on GApps. Using GApps, iCal and Addressbook on my Mac, and my [...]

selling our white 16GB unlocked iPhone 3G

If you’re interested, I jailbroke and unlocked our white iPhone 3G and they’re up on eBay here and here. update: first one just sold, don’t miss out on the second one!

Loopwheeler iPhone case

Not the most practical iPhone case, but dope regardless. [From LW_NEWS: BEAMS+受注会ノベルティケース]


This is pretty damn cool!


Woke up, saw the tweets re: 2.1, which I thought was worth getting up to upgrade the phones… updates I really care about in bold. Update includes: * Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls * Significantly better battery life for most users * Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes * Improved email [...]