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jQuery form submit handling and inline onsubmit woes

jQuery’s event handling triggers in the bubbling phase, which is fine for most usage. I had to write some JavaScript to traps the submission of forms on any webpage, naturally, I wrote something like this: This works for most forms, but since we don’t have any control of what types of forms our users put [...]

WordPress image lazy-loading plugin

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on a new Rails project that deals with photos and it also uses a lot of jQuery. I love the jQuery image lazy load plugin and thought since my blog is pretty image-heavy, it’d benefit from it too. It’s trivial to use this plugin, but since my [...]

Rails plugin/helper to provide “click to copy text field” (to clipboard)

You often see sites with text fields of share links in various different formats, like Skitch provides links to share the images you skitch, they look like this: Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! You often click the text box or a copy button next to it and the content is copied to your clipboard so you [...]