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Extra space/row in UIPopoverController content?

If you’re using UISplitViewController in your iPad/Universal apps, you probably implemented the UISplitViewControllerDelegate to add a UIBarButtonItem to the detail view controller’s toolbar to display a popover. The popover might have some extra space before the first row after you rotate the simulator or the iPad from landscape to portrait, took me a few hours [...]

Speeding up Core Data-based UITableViewController

It is pretty common for an iPhone/iPad app to make an API call to a server, get the JSON response data back, parse that data, and display it in a table view. The usual way to do this looks like this: This fires off the API call asynchronously, and then you implement some delegate methods [...]

If you switched to Three20′s iPad branch and got a linking error…

If you switched to Three20′s iPad branch and see a linking error about MFMailComposeViewController in TTEmailComposer.o, make sure you add MessageUI.framework to your build target.