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If you see weirdness when using jquery.iframe-transport.js and/or remotipart…

This took a while to figure out. Remotipart overrides the render function in Rails to return the response in a textarea that jquery.iframe-transport.js expects to see, if you’re working with JSON (and who isn’t?), make sure you don’t have any type of JSON pretty-formatter browser add-on/plugin/extension installed. That is all. And AJAX file upload still [...]

Don’t run MySQL 5.5 on OSX

So while setting up a Rails2 development environment with RVM for one of my clients on my new Mac, I came across the infamous uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes error. Typically this is because the mysql gem isn’t compiled with the right archflags, but of course that wasn’t the case. After messing with it for a bit, [...]

Pullfolio private beta! Here’s your invite!

If you’re a pro/semi-pro photographer and love Flickr, I think you will love Pullfolio. Pullfolio helps you create professional portfolio sites using photos in your Flickr account by tag(s) or photosets. For example, you can setup your photography site with these portfolios: Wedding – it pulls all photos that are tagged pullfolio and wedding (or [...]

RailsRumble ’09

I participated in last weekend’s RailsRumble, my first time “rumbling”, it was a pretty awesome experience. Ray‘s team at Intridea had an opening and he asked if I wanted to join last week, I was like, why not. I’ve been doing paired coding with Ray for years now and I know we can easily pull [...]

RESTful in-place edit in Rails and jRails/jQuery

I’ve been using jRails in my recent Rails projects, the original Rails in-place editing plugin uses, there is a jRails version of it, but neither of them is RESTful – they both create extra actions to update the in-place edit fields. I found janv’s rest_in_place plugin and it uses the default update action to [...]

37signals also saw the benefits of AWS

37signals moved TaDaList to run on pretty much the same things I’m using: EC2, EBS, Elastic IPs, Apache, Passenger. They also started from the same Ubuntu Intrepid images. Joshua posted more info on their setup in the comments section of the blog post: Joshua Sierles 28 Nov 08 Matt, Our custom image is based on [...]

Rails plugin/helper to provide “click to copy text field” (to clipboard)

You often see sites with text fields of share links in various different formats, like Skitch provides links to share the images you skitch, they look like this: Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! You often click the text box or a copy button next to it and the content is copied to your clipboard so you [...]

Using Phusion Passenger in Facebook apps development

Ray pointed me to a RailsCast on how to use Passenger for local development, it literally took me 2 minutes to setup. If you work on multiple Ruby on Rails applications, you should definitely do it. There is however one problem on this approach, since the default passenger.pref config relies on virtual host, you can’t [...]

autocomplete with multiple related form fields (in rails)

I’m an advisor and consultant for a social network site where you go upload images and tag the stuff you own and the stuff you want. One of the thing we wanted to do in the stuff-tagging form was to have related autocompletion fields. In this case, we want an autocompletion of brand names, and [...]

Deploying your Rails applications with Phusion Passenger : Raymond Law

Ray just typed up an howto on deploying rails with Passenger, good stuff, we’re using this for our new project which should be launching soon. [From Deploying your Rails applications with Phusion Passenger : Raymond Law]