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My first marathon

Background After moving to the bay area in 2005, I got into clothes. I quickly went through the loosely organic path of starting from Honest Forum, to dry denim at MyNudies and finally ended up at superfuture, at where I spent most of my free time. Most of my friends after college were met at [...]

Study: Running Economy Improves After 4 Weeks in Vibram FiveFingers | Runner’s World & Running Times

I ran with 5+ generations of Nimbus, switched to VFFs a few months ago, don’t think I’ll go back to traditional shoes. I did pick up a pair of NB Minimus Zeros, mainly because of curiosity. I haven’t run with them because of a bruise/injury at the top outer edge of my left foot. It [...]

My 2010 vs 2009 Nike+ stats

Nike+ iPod WatchRemote

This is interesting, and it’s kindda useful to me coz I put my iPod in my center back pocket and it’s hard to press the Select button, often times I pause my workout reaching for it… Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

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