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Web virtual keyboards suck

I recently opened up a new brokerage account at TradeKing, I haven’t really used it yet as I am still in the process of clearing my initial ACH transfer, but one major annoyance is the virtual keyboard they use in their login system. This is pretty commonly used in financial websites, it usually works like [...]

How to patch up Debian sarge bind9 TAKE TWO!

The blogosphere is great, I wrote up on how I patched up my bind9 and quite a few people contacted me or posted comments informing me that it was the wrong patch. I looked into it more today and finally got a real fix for it. I could not find a patch to fix the [...]

How to patch bind9 in Debian sarge to get DNS cache poisoning exploit patch

UPDATE (8/7/08): The patch posted below actually does NOT fix the cache poisoning problem, please check out my follow up post instead. The original is included below but please note that it does not fix the security problem. original blog post: Most of you have heard about the DNS cache poisoning exploit, it is serious, [...]