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Where I’ve been according to my phone

As expected, the plot looks like my route between SF and Tahoe. I miss Tahoe already.

Photography and Snowboarding

Took a hiatus from blogging. I have been busy with photography and snowboarding, I also did some personal works outside of the commercial stuff. I picked up a B+W ND4 filter, and went to Ocean Beach to test it out, my original intention was to slow down the shutter speed so I can have a [...]

Off to Tahoe tomorrow, oh yeah!

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Tomorrow is Sierra‘s opening day, and we plan to be there! Oh yeah! We will see how the Smart car performs at the mountains. I don’t think the back gates or West Bowl are open yet, but I don’t care, just riding down a bit of Sugar-n-Spice and Lower Main will [...]